The CNN Article, and the Pie Chart.

Okay, so this is a very complex topic and I am by no means an expert on these things. Queer erasure in society is especially a problem for people whose attraction or gender is outside the bi-gendered system. It’s also, I forgot to mention, a big issue for those in the ace* community.

Queer erasure is also a term that I think originated on tumblr, but for reasons it shouldn’t have: shipping. I think if we use the term for media misrepresentation more, as well as, you know, actual situations of queer erasure instead of your shippy hissy-fights, then it might actually be put to good use.

BTW, this is for Charlotte, based off a discussion after she found the dirkjane tag overrun by people telling dirkjane shippers their ship is “wrong,” “evil,” etc. I have been called a cunt for having dirkroxy on my shipping chart.

People need to understand that shipping is a very different slice of cake than most things and in most cases, people don’t expect their ships to become canon, or the character’s sexualities to change because of their ship. Ships are fantasies, and creative outlets.

They should not be navy battles.

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